A revolutionary Eyes Relaxation Method


A revolutionary way to relax your eyes— See the difference in just 5 minutes!

Focused eye’s eyesight :

Before practice
After practice

( These figures are listed as a guideline for your reference, there’s no guarantee that you will achieve the same results as above)

The suitable group for this method:

  • Children not nearsighted yet, however are of high risk of myopia. For example, both parents are nearsighted. This method may help them maintain good eyesight as long as possible, and hopefully delays or even avoiding wearing glasses.
  • Children already nearsighted. By releasing the tightened eyeball muscles regularly, this method may help to maintain eyesight at current level and may even help to improve the eyesight.

How to learn the method:

Expected learning period is just one to two sessions, each session is 45-60 minutes.

Lessons will be held in Jan/2019 at Castle Hill area.
Fee for trial lesson is $15 per child.
Contents for each trial lesson are the same. The goal for each trial lesson is to facilitate students to accomplish the following 1-2 learning stages:
Learning Stage One:
Every student that can following basic instructions would be able to learn basic relaxation method for the eyes and the whole body, and can expect instant improvement of eyesight.
Learning Stage Two:
Students that can not only following the basic instructions, but also can successfully build tangible direct connections between brain and eyeball, therefore can achieve deeper and quicker relaxation for the eyeball. To this stage, not only instant eyesight improvement can be expected, also relaxing eyes in the future would be much eaiser.

Parents that having children aged between 9-14 and would like them to learn the method, please fill the form HERE to register.

Please be advised that every student that can following basic instructions would be able to accomplish Learning Stage One, however, not everyone can achieve Learning Stage Two. The more sensitivity and awareness of the body, the more possibility to achieve Learning Stage Two. When student accomplishes Learning Stage Two, the whole relaxation of eyes would be obviously deeper and quicker in the future.

For any further enquiries, please contact via email:braincrafting@outlook.com.au

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