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This is a translated version from Lin Liangchuan’s article on facebook, the founder of his Fascia and bone adjustment method, which I am very interested in and have seen some amazing results of it. The other article about the Yoga is a better explanation of his theory, however both articles seem controversial. I’ve tried to get the author’s permission for publishing it but failed. Please contact me if there’s any copyright issue. (My English is not good, fortunately I’m not making a living on translation)

Treating the disease with just hands, working from the spine is the most common and popular practice. It is common to get instant result from it, but when looking beyond this medical point of view, although the result is instant, if we look further towards long term effect, it may be a different story.

Structurally, the body’s activities, the spine is used as a supportive part for the use of the limbs. The spine is passive in the use of the body. Except for the cervical spine, the spine does not have the opportunity and ability to actively move and change.

Unless because of injuries, the change of the form of body structure is mainly due to the structure of the limbs. It is a result of collapsed stack of peripheral muscles. The change of the feet or hands causes the vertical axis and horizontal axis to change, and the spine is changed as a result of it.

The shape of each part of the body is formed by compensating the entire three-dimensional structure network of human body, and the type of each part is interacted with and associated with this entire three-dimensional structure network. If the fascia locked at the end of the extremities is not unraveled, the tendon turning adhesion deep in the joints of the extremities is not unraveled, there is no way to truly change the entire three-dimensional structure network.

Therefore, if the fascia system of the extremities is not unraveled, direct adjustment of the pelvic spine will only disrupt the alignment of the different layers of the fascia in the trunk. It is impossible to truly change the position of the pelvis and the spine.

Regardless of the form change of the structure, or the priority of treatment, the shape of the spine and pelvis is determined, and it is only the last result, which is never the cause.

The reason for the appearance of symptoms of diseases, apart from direct nerve root compression, are all because of fascia system disorders, which make the muscle contraction dysfunction, and blockages in intestinal and visceral rhythm (so restoring the internal organs’ rhythm without seeing and restore the fascia system disorder, is just nonsense) which in turn leads the emergence of the circulatory system.

Therefore, the chiropractic theory believes that most of the dysfunction of the body is due to problems with the spine which leads to oppression of the nerves, this theory is fundamentally problematic, and their treatment does not focus on restoring the entire fascia system, but directly from the vertebrae. Disregarding the necessity of balanced tension on the whole fascia system, would make the problem more complicated.

The treatment like chiropractic, many of its effects are based on the intention of building the structure and the elimination of symptoms. There is no concept of restoration, which cannot be called a real cure. In fact, it is more like taking Panadol while having a headache.

If the palpation is done delicately, you will know that the directly adjusted pelvis and spine will be brought back to the original state by the fascia system of the limbs after patient’s slight active movements. The deep muscles beside the spine, because their alignment with outer muscles becomes worse, often aggravating the complexity of the disease, while appearing to be eliminating the symptoms.

Chiropractic gun is also a popular direct treatment of the spine, it’s a tool that can quickly generate vibrational forces at a single point.

They believe that the benefits of this tool are fast and accurate, and the strength can reach deep, and the dislocated spine can be corrected when the muscles are too late to respond.

The advantages they think are precisely the places where I think this medical point of view is most problematic. The spine is the result of the coordination of compensation of the whole system. The dislocation of the vertebral body is pulled by the whole system. By adjusting the strength of the surrounding vertical and horizontal axes is adjusted, the dislocated vertebral body will naturally return to the body and directly correct the spine. Working directly on the spine, is just dispersing the tension to other places, and even likely to increase the tension of the real problematic lesions more.  Therefore, using this tool, is a kind of disregarding cause and effect, and the treatment is of wrong priority, in addition to a brief disruption of the fascial system to eliminate symptoms, only makes more problems to complicate the disease.

Lin Liangchuan 2019.03.19 Peach Garden

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