Can’t move in a symmetric way, is it because of the asymmetrical body or is it because of the brain can’t control the body in a symmetrical way?

I’m helping a little girl recently, one of the issues I’m working on is she couldn’t craw in a symmetric way, but heavily rely on her left side, which is the stronger side from top to bottom, so she crawled in a kind of side way into a shape of curved line arching left.

Since it’s quite obvious that the reason is because right side is weaker, so at the beginning I tried to train her shifting weight on the right side a couple of times, teaching the body and brain how to shifting weight from side to side, got very limited progress. Last time, I changed to train her turning pelvic vigorously to both side, and within less than 5 minutes, she’s able to crawl in a very beautiful symmetrical way into a straight line instead of an arched line.

Her muscles and muscle tone can’t change too much in such a short time, the body’s right side is still weaker comparing to left side, what has made the difference is her brain can somehow manage to control her body in a better way so despite her unbalanced body, she can still make a symmetrical movement.

This is what I learned from it: in many situations, as long as it’s not a very extreme situation, the so called weak muscle/muscle tone is actually strong enough to do many things in a good quality, as long as the brain knows how to control the body in a effective way.

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