Common questions about Eyes Relaxation Method

关于眼睛放松方法(Eyes Relaxation Method)的常见问题及解答


Q:Will the instructor do the eyes relaxation method for students during the learning period?
A: Student will be responsible for following the instructions during the whole period. The instructor may provide a little bit gentle touch to help the students to deeply relax the body, other than that, instructor would only instructing the student to do the practice, which is also very gentle.


Q: Why we only work on one eye in the class?
A: There are several reasons for this. Only focus on one eye would help focus our attentions, also it give us the chance to compare the difference between two eyes to see more clearly how much has been changed. More important, when student has reached learning stage 2, it’s highly recommended that you only do one eye at a time, so it’s better to only focus on one eye at the very beginning.


Q: Why only work on one eye at one time after reaching learning stage 2?
A: This is due to the possible different reactions between the two eye when doing the practice if you doing two eyes together. This is especially likely to happen when the two eyes are of different conditions. If this difference in reaction happens, keeping on doing two eyes at the same time may deepen the existing differences between the two eyes. Therefore, only one eye at one time.


Q: What’s the recommended frequency for practice after reaching learning stage 1?
A: Before reaching learning stage 2, it is recommended to do it no more than once every day before sleep. Once reached learning stage 2, unless supervised by a eye specialist, must not do the practice on one eye for more than twice a week.


Q: What’s the recommended frequency for practice after reaching learning stage 2?
A: if it’s just for preventing myopia, once a month for one eye. If already nearsighted, adjusting from 1-2 times a week according to the easy fatigue level and the change of eyesight. Best result would be maintaining the same eyesight level at a period of one to two months. It’s very important to keep close eyes on changes of eye sight and have official eyes check frequently.


Q: Will this method help with presbyopia?
A: This method helps to see far easier, so if you already experience presbyopia, it will actually make it worse.

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